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Human ingenuity is the single inexhaustible resource to create a better world.

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French for higher level.
Pronounced ay-tahje.

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Étage is a creative strategy agency who engages with thought leaders around the world, across disruptive industries, to shift perceptions and inspire change.

What We Do
Who We Are

Bringing more technology to humanity, and more humanity to technology.

Étage has traveled the world and worked across all industries. We’ve sung with Journey, put addicts and neuroscientists on stage together, choreographed a dancer and her digital twin, and presented to the UN General Assembly. Our roots are in Silicon Valley, where impossible ideas always come to life.

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Financial Services

Restructuring a financial services event built for the advisor.

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Building A New
Kind of Community

Creating community centered on enhancing quality of life through shared success and experiences.

Man in a suit standing on a stage with an image of the earth behind him.
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Humanizing Connection in a Distance Economy

A humanizing digital event transforming the digital landscape with an immersive visual experience.

Landscape of sand meeting water, with mountains in the distance.
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Reframing Sustainability

Inspiring a global water conversation to shift how the World approaches our single most precious resource.

Conference stage with a full audience looking at.
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Empowering the 
Greater Good

Leveraging technology and data science to transform the perception of business and sustainability.

Two hands holding a cannabis leaf in front of a cannabis plant.
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Amplifying Voices
That Matter

We helped convene an influential cross section of industry leaders committed to accelerating patient access to medical cannabis.

Case Studies
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