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Etage logo with the Etage round emblem above the word Etage.

We Are Étage

We scale as needed, managing and working alongside any vendors and consultants,  building the ideal team for each project. We partner with the best in the following areas: art production, copywriting, event production, graphic design, media, operations/project management, technical production and sponsorship.

Chris Fitzgerald Etage headshot
Founder, Strategic Director

Chris Fitzgerald

40+ years converting complex concepts into powerful ideas. 15+ years at The Wall Street Journal in EU and US, where he helped track some of the world’s most profound changes and build global communities.


A poet, a farmer, a family man and a winemaker.

Founder, Creative Director

Sophia Larroque

Sophia is a content and visual media expert, executive producer and hunter gatherer of brilliant people and their ideas. She specializes in cultivating live experiences that inspire curiosity, accountability, and action. A global citizen splitting time between San Francisco and her family home in France, Sophia is a mother of three committed to addressing the most urgent environmental and social challenges that stand in the way of a sustainable future. She has herB.S. in Psychology from Stanford University and has been leading her agency “Etage” since 2015.

Colleen Gilligan headshot photo
Creative Operations Director

Colleen Gilligan

A remarkable combination of brand strategy and marketing operations. For more than a decade, she’s worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands, including The North Face, where she ran marketing operations and go-to-market strategy. Her experience spans both consumer and B2B brands, and she excels at team building, collaboration and managing complex campaigns and events.


Skier, runner, and lover of the great outdoors.

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