We have a single purpose: to transform world-changing ideas into

life-changing experiences.

We believe that great ideas deserve to be thoughtfully and powerfully presented—whatever the medium—a video, a speech, a classroom or a conference. 

We love media. In all its forms. 

 In a world overwhelmed by data and content, we strive to break through the clutter and noise. 

Our creative is rooted in a deep understanding of the narrative and its intended audience. 

Our work is well-articulated and defines the measures for success before the work is done.

While we have produced award-winning work, our greatest reward is when our work lives beyond any single event to inspire, inform and transform



our team

Great creative starts with a great insight. We identify those core insights through a range of research methods, and translate that work into an actionable messaging architecture that informs our creative approach. Sound strategy builds the foundation for a strong brand and experience.

We scale our team to fit every project or event— from events for thousands, to start-ups with a small group of stakeholders. And we work wherever your project demands...Europe, Asia,

South America, or right here in the Bay Area.


Chris J. Fitzgerald


Chris has more than 30 years of experience converting complex concepts into powerful ideas & images. He worked at The Wall Street Journal for more than 15 years in Europe and the US, where he helped track some of the world’s most profound changes and build global communities. His focus is on brand development, content creation and The Big Idea.

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Sophia A. Larroque



After graduating from Stanford University, Sophia traveled the world producing international events of all sizes. Her focus is on unique, creative executions and flawless production. She finds elegantly powerful solutions to creative constraints and does so with energy and grace.

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how we work


We see building an audience experience as our primary job, and to accomplish this we employ our core strength of Strategy, Creative and Production. 

We are a small, nimble company that selects a team perfectly suited to your project.

We source best-in-class vendors, negotiate contracts and manage all communications regarding event production between the various stakeholders, keeping you fully informed along the way.

We’ll efficiently keep the project on track and on budget with a tight check in schedule to facilitate the process, including Milestones timelines to identify tasks, provide completion dates and task owners of all major production items to ensure successful integration of all production components.


  • Brand development

  • Identifying key messaging and narrative

  • Articulating the desired audience experience and call to action

  • Translating complex business messages into easily shared media

  • Attendee development

  • Sponsorship development

  • Cost / revenue budgeting

  • Long-term event strategy (with or without production)

  • Start-up event roadmaps

  • Brand/theme/message creation

  • Media creation - videos, animations, infographics

  • Copywriting

  • Visual identity

  • Graphic design

  • Executive presentations

  • Event collateral

  • Presentation development

  • Scriptwriting


  • Curation and production

  • Overall project management

  • Logistics management

  • Food and beverage

  • Hotel/venue liaison

  • Transportation

  • Presentation rehearsal and coaching

  • Establishing and tracking budget

  • Managing creative and technical vendors

  • On-site production and oversight

  • Milestone management



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