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How We Think

We only do work that matters – that measurably moves the needle for both people and the planet in the right direction.

Étage has a single purpose: to transform world-changing ideas into life-changing experiences.

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We believe that great ideas deserve to be thoughtfully and powerfully presented—whatever the medium—a video, a speech, a classroom, or a conference.

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In a world overwhelmed by data and content, we strive to break through the clutter and the noise.

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While we have produced award-winning work, our greatest reward is when our work lives beyond any single execution, to inspire, to inform, and to transform the way we think about the world.

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We love telling stories. In all its forms.

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Our creative is rooted in a deep understanding of the narrative and its intended audience.

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Our work is well-articulated and defines the measures for success before the work is done.

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Our Services

We build brands, events, and media.
We use creativity to challenge the way we think about the world. 

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Brand Strategy

Our strategic approach builds brand frameworks and consumer-friendly language to push your brand to the next level.

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Content & Creative Development

We build content to create conversations and breakthrough cluttered landscapes.

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Media Developent

The heart of where strategy and creativity meet, we tell stories worth watching

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Event Strategy
& Production

We produce meaningful experiences and platforms to share ideas, for digital and in-person audiences.

Our Roles

Étage is a small, nimble company that selects a team perfectly suited to your project.

01. Strategic Advisor

A partnership to build long-term value, Étage challenges assumptions and builds strategies to improve messaging and communications structures.

03. Creative Director

Where strategy comes to life, Étage visualizes and creates the brand identity and narrative for your project from conception through execution.

05. Event Producers

From conception to execution, Étage brings events to life. Coordinating all technical and production aspects, team and staff direction, operations, messaging, and creative delivery.

02. Brand Strategist

Brands need voices and pathways to success, Étage places our strategic messaging inside your brand structure to reach your customers and create a lasting impact. 

04. Content Creators

The medium through which your messages are consumed by your audience, Étage creates written and verbal media for websites, marketing materials, and corporate events.

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