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The Spark

What if an annual technology conference could inspire you to harness the power of data and innovative solutions to grow your business and change the world?

As an annual host to over 3,000 industry experts and customers, HxGN Live is a global touchpoint for business and technology and serves as the company’s platform to inspire and engage its audience with unforgettable experiences carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression.

The Shift:

Immersive Content, Compelling Keynotes, Provocative Media Integration, Full Service Event Production

The Change

Étage delivered strategic content coupled with immersive experiences, empowering HxGN Live attendees, igniting inspiration, and fostering collaboration while shining a spotlight on the transformative potential of Hexagon’s data-driven solutions in shaping a sustainable future.

Étage created a comprehensive shift in the way digital events can be experienced, shared, and remembered focusing on storytelling, the attendee experience, and life after the event.

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